Traveling in America or Canada

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Discover America in comfort. Travel when and where you want. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, sights, and attractions en route. Stop and go at your leisure as you drive in the vehicle of your choice from TransAtlantic Automobile located in Peekskill, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Vancouver, Canada. We have a service station at each location.

All locations are easily accessible by bus. Peekskill can also be reached in 50 minutes by a train, which travels along the scenic shores of the Hudson River from Manhattan. In the USA we speak English, German, Swiss-German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. At our Dutch/Belgium agency we speak Dutch and English.

TransAtlantic Automobile representatives can assist you with a rental, lease, sale or buy / buy-back program. We offer a large selection of vehicles from which to choose the vehicle best suited to your needs and price range. TransAtlantic fully equipped service stations check all vehicles before they are rented, leased or sold. Whether you choose a motorcycle or a motor home, TransAtlantic has trained technicians to guarantee the safety and condition of the vehicle.

For customers who stay in the USA to study, work or do an apprenticeship, a long-term contract is available.

For customers who camp, tent or wish to stay in hotels or motels we offer passenger vans for 7 to 15 people.

Traveling the American way is traveling in optima forma and to do so you may choose a Van-Camper or Motorhome. With your "Home on Wheels", you will travel leisurely, stay at the most beautiful locations using the excellent network of well equipped campgrounds, and enjoy independence. TransAtlantic has a large variety of Van-Campers and Motorhomes in stock.

  • Rentals - for those who need a vehicle for less than 8 weeks
  • Buy / Buy back Program - for long-stay travelers.
  • Vehicles. - for the vehicle options.