Buy/Buy-back Program
For Long-Term Travelers

TransAtlantic Automobile has a large selection of vehicles from which to choose. Our service includes a guaranteed Buy / Buy-Back program. All formalities, including registration and insurance, are handled through our office on your behalf.

Drivers must be 18 years old with a valid driver's license. Drivers who do not have a USA driver's license must provide a national driver's license and a translation thereof or an international license.

1. Depreciation Rate 2017
Price quote as of January 1. 2017

Compact Cars and Station wagons

Based on model year and equipment

From $ 2,500

Details with quotation or on request


Based on model year and equipment

From $ 2,500

Details with quotation or on request


Based on model year and equipment

From $ 2,900

Details with quotation or on request


Based on model year and equipment

From $ 5,000

Details with quotation or on request

Depreciation rate includes 12,000 free miles of travel. Each additional 1,000 miles will be listed in the offer.

If traveling 9,000 miles in 2 months 10 % discount will apply.

Alaska & Yukon: An additional charge of $ 450 will apply if you are travveling into this region.
Guarantee for vehicle (engine, axles and transmission) is valid for this region.

2. Selling Privately:
All vehicles (with some exceptions) can be sold privately. A travel schedule is required to obtain registration and insurance papers on time. Processing of the title will take 2 to 8 weeks, depending upon the State of issuance.

3. Rental of Vehicle:
If you plan to travel less than 6 or 7 weeks (depending on the vehicle type and rental season), it is more cost effective to rent a vehicle. Please request rental rates and rental offers from our nearest office. Please provide travel dates.

4. One-Way Fees:
The following one-way fees will apply (NY – LA or LA – NY):

Compact Cars or Station Wagons


Van or Van-Campers


Motorhomes (20’-32’)


There will be no charge if you pick up your car in Los Angeles and drop it of in New York.

We also offer delivery of vehicles to any other city within the continental USA. If there is no TransAtlantic Automobile representation, the charges range from $ 280 to $ 1,800. Ask us for a price quote.

Helpful Hints
  • When inquiring about an offer, please include all names of your fellow travelers. List age of children.
  • Some Vans (Van-Campers) have short beds, some have longer beds. Please indicate the height of all passengers.
  • · We cannot accept credit cards for payment. Payment can be made in cash, traveler checks, or by certified bank checks issued from an American bank account. Contact your local Bank representative.
  • · Please observe office hours and holidays for pick-up and drop-off dates · Upon returning the vehicle in Los Angeles or in New York, refunds, if applied, will immediately be issued.
  • Personal equipment, such as dishes, cutlery, linens, towels, sleeping bags, etc. is not included in the purchase price. Pre-owned equipment can be purchased at our stations, if available.
  • If overnight accommodations are requested, please forward date of arrival.


TransAtlantic Auto & RV Center
1245 Park Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
Tel: 914-739-8314
Fax: 914-739-8987



For lodging reservations, please provide us names, arrival date and credit card information.

5. Liability Insurance:

Insurance Premiums for Compact Cars, Station Wagons and Van-Campers are not based on the size of the engine. For Motorhomes expect an additional fee of $ 30 per month. Drivers with less than 3 years of driving experience have to expect an increased fee of max. 25 %.




Age of Driver





18 - 20 years

6 A

4 A

8 A

1 A

21 - 24 years

6 B

4 B

8 B

1 A

25 - 29 years


1 A

1 A

1 A

30 and older

1 A

1 A

1 A

1 A

Liability Insurance Premiums (in US $)

Duration in months

Driver Class 2 Months 3 Months 4 Months 5 Months 6 Months 12 Months
1 A 408 551 694 837 980 1123
8 A 489 679 869 1059 1249 1438
8 B 448 612 776 940 1104 1268
9 435 592 749 906 1063 1220
6 B 580 823 1066 1309 1552 1795
4 B 480 664 848 1032 1216 1400
4 A 537 755 973 1191 1409 1629
6 A 650 986 1222 1508 1794 2080

In the event you terminate the insurance earlier then expected we will refund the unused portion.

Driving into Mexico requires additional insurance coverage that is available at the border.

Quoted Insurance premiums are valid for the time period indicated. Prices are only approximate and can vary.

The insurance provider retains the right to change premiums at any time without prior notification.

6. Basic Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

You are covered as follows:

Per accident $ 50,000 incl. hospital care (can be increased to $ 300,000)

Per passenger $ 25,000 incl. hospital care (can be increased to $ 100,000)

For people with an American driver's license and at least 3 years of driving experience, insurance coverage can be increased up to a maximum of $ 500,000 per accident.

Maximum insurance coverage (PIP) is available for approximately $ 150 to $ 300 per year.

Coverage $ 50,000 property damage $ 100,000 per person or $ 300,000 per accident combined.

7. Physical Damage Coverage:
Collision Coverage:
This coverage provides you with coverage for your vehicle for any direct and accidental loss by collision with another object. It includes fire, theft and glass breakage. This insurance is optional. The following factors are used in calculating the premium for your insurance premium.

Driver classification
(all drivers are classified according to age of driver, gender, marriage status (see paragraph 5). Vehicle value and Model are also taken in consideration. Insurance premiums quoted in Paragraph 5 include: Vehicle Liability Coverage, Basic Uninsured and Supplementary Motorist Protection, and Basis Personal Injury

Final Cost Calculation with buy/buy back agreement-SAMPLE

Purchase of a Van Camper, travel time 3 months, pick-up and drop-off in New York, driver of 25 years of age, female, single, valid drivers license for more than 3 years.

Purchase price Van Camper


Sales Tax 7.375 % (NY)

$   590.00

Registration, plates, handling

$   350.00

Motor Vehicle Inspection fee

$     37.00

Liability Insurance 3 months

$   451.00

Total Purchase price


Depreciation first 12,000 miles $ 3,600

Tax, Registration, Inspection, Insurance $ 1,428.00

Total Expenses 3 months & 12,000 miles $ 5,038.00

Total buy-back refund $ 5,028

Daily cost traveling for 3 months $ 5,028 : 91 days = $ 55.25 / day

Daily cost traveling for 4 months $ 5,028 + $ 143 (insurance) : 122 days = $ 42.39 / day

This calculation is an example.

Sales tax, inspection fee and liability insurance may vary depending upon the State of registration and age of driver.

Insurance premium, inspection fee and tax rate are subject to changes without prior notice.

TransAtlantic has no control over these costs. They are regulated by de Federal, State and Local Government.

8. Guarantees

TransAtlantic Automobile’s Vehicle Guarantee covers engine block, transmission and axles for the first 45 days or 4,999 miles.

Area of Coverage: United States of America, Canada

Area not covered: Mexico

Personal deductible in all categories: $ 500

  • Not included are: accessories, like starter, radiator, battery, water pump, ignition system, air conditioner, etc. Damages caused due to lack of engine oil, lack of coolant water, overheating, accidents of misusage of the vehicle are excluded from the guarantee.
  • · If repairs are covered under our guarantee, TransAtlantic Automobile needs to be notified with an estimate for the repairs before these are carried out. The office will have to be contacted immediately.
  • · Repair costs are due upfront. Customer will be reimbursed for all costs when presenting the original invoices.
  • We guarantee break pads for 12,000 miles.
  • · The NY State guarantee is for 1,000 miles or 30 days, whichever comes first, depending on model, year and miles.
  • The laws of the State of New York govern all contract agreements.
9. Vehicle Maintenance

Regular Maintenance: Engine oil level, break fluid, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, tire pressure and the battery water must be checked regularly. In many vehicles the batteries are maintenance free.

10. Payment terms 2017

Reservation type Vehicle type Down Payment

Open choice Compact or station wagon $ 300.00

(Choice TAE) Van/Van-Camper $ 300.00

Motorhomes $ 400.00

- Immediate payment or at least 2 months before travel departure.

Based on Vehicle number and Vehicle description and offer

- Immediate down payment of $ 1.000,

- 50 % of purchase price at least 3 months before departure date, unless specified differently in our offer

- Balance payment is due at pick-up time.

We can register your vehicle. Please let us know early, as we need many different copies of documents from you to make this happen. The registration of a vehicle usually takes about 3 working days after you have taken a visual inspection of the car and you have completed the test drive.

We offer advanced document preparation in order to register the vehicle prior pick-up. A rental car for shopping trips in the surrounding areas of our stations is available.

Your reservation will be confirmed as soon as your down payment is received.

11. Payments - Contact your agent for details.
For any bank transfer, please include in the bank application form our offer/quotation number.

12. Cancellation Policy





31 days or more prior of pick-up of the vehicle

Open choice

Compact or station wagon

$ 100



$ 150



$ 200


Based on Vehicle number and vehicle description and offer

Compact or station wagon

$ 300



$ 400



$ 600

30 - 16 days prior of pick-up of the vehicle

Same as above, plus additional cancellation fee


$ 300

15 - 0 days prior of pick-up of the vehicle

Same as above, plus additional cancellation fee


$ 500

Place of jurisdiction exclusively Peekskill, New York, 10566 USA.

13. Opening hours and Holidays

Holiday Schedule for the Year 2017

New Year's Day : January 01

Memorial Day : May 29

Independence Day : July 04 /

Labor Day : September 04

Thanksgiving Day : November 23

Christmas Day : December 25

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